Clubhouse & Grounds

The holidays were an exciting time at the Clubhouse this year. The decorations, both inside and out, warmed the heart and put everyone in the spirit of the season. If you haven’t visited the Clubhouse to see them yourself, plan to do so before January 2 as many residents and our great staff worked very hard to create this beautiful setting. 

Many, many great holiday activities have occurred which will culminate with the wonderful, always sold out, New Year’s Day Brunch. 

Community sidewalk and pathway leveling with new gaskets, where needed, will be finished by the time you read this, thus reducing tripping hazards as we walk our beautiful neighborhood.

New Jasmine groundcover has been planted around the guardhouse. This will take some time to fill out, so please be patient with our little plants.

The pool water is due to be replaced in January, which should lead to a great swimming season for 2019. The work will take several days, so please be extra careful when walking through the pool area to the Clubhouse during that time! Stay tuned to your email for a notice from Clubhouse staff of any changes in schedule. 

A second Wii bowling game has been acquired and set up so more folks can join the fun for tournament play. This has turned out to be a popular indoor activity, and anyone can play and do well!  

The next meeting of the Clubhouse & Grounds Committee will be on Monday, January 14, at 1 PM in the Clubhouse billiards room. Among the items on the agenda is a discussion of the bocce ball court — to redo or not redo. Active players have been surveyed, and we should have the results. The decision will NOT affect current or future HOA monthly fees.

Have a safe and happy new year!