Clubhouse & Grounds

Many great activities have occurred this holiday season culminating with the wonderful, always sold out, New Year’s Day Brunch on January 1.

Pool deck resurfacing was set to start on Monday, December 18 and began as planned. Due to the rain and low temperatures, only the joints were completed before the holidays. The remaining work will last approximately one full week beginning in January, assuming the weather is favorable. Watch your email for notices from the staff office for any changes in the schedule. Access to the pool area through doors and gates will be restricted during this time for safety and surface curing reasons.

The kitchen and restrooms improvement projects will  start after the January Board meeting.

The wonderful members of the Garden Club have agreed to fund the marker boulder which will be placed in front of the Clubhouse. We are looking forward to its placement in January. Happy New Year!

Our next meeting will be on Monday, January 15, at 2 PM.