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Bocce Ball

Spring 2020 Bocce Ball

March 15 - April 25

I.   General:

    1.    Teams consist of 2 members positioned 1 at each end of the court.

    2.    Each member will roll 4 Bocce Balls in order to try and get the closest to the Pallino. This is called a FRAME. Shots are alternated between opposing teams until all 8 balls are rolled.

    3.    Scores are determined at the end of each FRAME and are based on which teams Bocce Balls are closest to the Pallino. The team closest to the Pallino wins 1 point for every ball closer than any one of the competitors balls. Balls which come to rest TOUCHING the Pallino are awarded 2 points. Only 1 team can score points in each FRAME.


II.   Beginning and Continuing Play:

    1.    At the very beginning of the very first FRAME of the MATCH teams will determine which will have the first chance to put the Pallino into play (coin flip or other mutually agreed upon method is acceptable).

    2.    The winner will have 2 chances to put the Pallino into play. Failure to do so will revert to the other team. The Pallino must come to rest beyond the mid court line and must be at least 12” from the end board of the court. If it comes to rest closer than 12” (even if it hits the end board) pick it up and place it on a direct line as close as possible to 12” away from the end board and begin play. Once play has begun balls remain wherever they come to rest if hit by other balls.  The Team Which Puts The Pallino Into Play Will Roll Its’ Bocce Ball First – Alternating Shots Thereafter.

    3.    The larger colored Bocce Balls are the balls used for scoring points. These balls may be played off of the sideboards or in a direct line to the target but cannot touch the end board unless first making contact with either an opponents ball or the Pallino.  If the teams Bocce Ball does not make valid contact and either hits or drives another of its balls into the end wall the ball hitting the wall is immediately removed from play for the duration of the frame.

    4.    Points are determined after the Pallino has been put into play and each team has rolled all of its’ 4 Bocce Balls. Scoring balls are those from the team which are closer to the Pallino than any of those of the opponent. Add up your points and post the result to the scoring board.  Remember, only 1 team can score points in each frame.

    5.    Teams will play 2 GAMES to 12 points each. The TEAM with the highest TOTAL points from the TWO games wins the MATCH.

    6.    In the event that teams cannot reach agreement on rules interpretation or play please “Agree To Disagree” and Replay The Point.  Balls which may have been disturbed should be re-placed as close as possible to their original position.

    7.    Please do not loft the ball when releasing. Roll the balls smoothly along the playing surface.

    8.    Results of each MATCH (winning team and total points) must be emailed as soon as possible by a member of the winning team 

    Please email results to:    Rob MacWilliam

Click HERE for tournament rules and other information.