In October and December, the Firewise planning sub-committee met with Matthew Ford, acting Firewise liaison from The Jones State Park and Forest Services (TFS), and his team members to review the progress of the application from Windsor Hills regarding the Understory Thinning Project. The meeting on October 24 helped us to better understand TFS concepts and conditions to move forward on this project. This information was reviewed and conditionally accepted by the full group at their meeting on November 28 when 10 members were present. The 2018 Firewise certificate of compliance for Windsor Hills will be arriving by the end of January, 2018.

At the December 11 meeting, we were informed that the Understory Thinning Project was in the process of being approved by the TFS Director. The 1.9 acres behind the pool and Clubhouse is the selected and approved area. A PowerPoint presentation showed the process and parameters for the work that TFS will perform on this site, with a tentative start date of January 22. 

More information about this project will be presented at the January Firewise meeting on Wednesday, January 10, at 1 PM.