The Firewise committee met on May 1.  Our primary discussion focused on the work that has been completed and that which is being planned for the area behind our pool.  We thank the many Firewise and Garden Club members who participated in the cleaning and vine removal.  During that process, 18 sunny spots were identified where understory trees will be planted this fall.  

The first weed-control treatments have been applied followed by some weed whacking.  We will most likely need to continue with similar treatments until the Yaupon and other “undesirables” are under control.

You may have noticed a number of areas where we will be letting the Yaupon grow.  Our plan is for those plants to be groomed to form hedges similar to what the Forest Service has done on the south side of the Lone Star College athletic field.  

In the interim, we strongly suggest that residents avoid walking in this area as there are many small stumps that are a tripping hazard.  As we all know, falls are to be avoided.

In conjunction with the Garden Club, a fundraiser will begin in June with some of the proceeds going to purchase and plant understory trees in the areas behind the pool and between Robindale Circle and E. Northcastle.

In September and October a team will gather to select the types of trees to be planted, who will plant them, how to pay for them, and how to manage the water required to nurture them during their early years.

Other areas scheduled for Firewise cleaning and vine removal for the balance of the year are  (1) the walkway to the college, (2) the area between W. Northcastle and North Country Gate Circle, and (3) the area behind the fountain at the entrance to Windsor Hills.

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 12, at 1 PM.