In light of the recent California wildfires, the importance of Windsor Hills Firewise effort becomes even more apparent.  The loss of lives, homes, and infrastructure has been devastating to that state and those communities.  We must be continually aware of the importance of maintaining a favorable balance between a well-managed ‘Firewise Forest’ and a Texas thicket.

More than 90 residents attended our hot dog lunch and bingo fundraising event on November 17, making it a huge success.  Thanks go to Cathy Gibson, Betty Labauve, 13 other resident volunteers, and Tammy’s very hard-working staff.  The funds that were raised by that event, along with similar efforts during 2018 and donations from residents, enable us to move ahead with the planting of 20 trees in the area behind the pool around Windsor Hills Circle.  All of that work is planned for December, as are efforts to determine the best way to provide water to those trees this spring and for the next couple of years. 

All Firewise area-wide cleanup work is complete for 2018.  In 2019, we will spend our primary efforts on maintaining our community as it is now – cleared of the dead vegetation and vines, which were our primary fire hazard.