The Firewise Committee met on Wednesday, September 12 with 11 residents in attendance. Board liaison Carlos Wehby chaired the meeting for Dave Hunter and Cathy Gibson.  After welcoming everyone, Carlos gave a recap of Firewise accomplishments as stated in the Windsor Hills May newsletter. 

Although the Firewise committee did not officially meet in the summer, a few residents (Cathy Gibson, Jim Quinn, and Carlos Wehby) cleared fallen debris and cut invasive vines. Cathy and Carlos met informally to update projects on the National Firewise website by listing our projects.

David Wolff with Town Center Landscape will order 15 one-gallon trees to be planted in the forest area behind the pool. Previously, residents volunteered to mark cleared areas that receive adequate sun that would be ideal planting locations, enhancing tree growth. David states that the period from the end of October/beginning of November is the optimal planting time.
Residents present at the meeting agreed that they still want fallen debris and invasive vines eliminated from the areas along the pathway leading to Lone Star College-Montgomery and the North Country Gate pathway. There will be no cutting or removal of plants. David Wolff has estimated a cost of $1,250 for both projects. 

The Windsor Hills Pride fundraiser collected $1,000 to purchase trees for the entire neighborhood as needed.  A donation of $85 was also received.  

We are exploring the best way to water the newly planted trees. There is a faucet behind the bocce ball court that was initially installed to water the hanging baskets located near the pool. Ideas centered around buying very long hoses to maintain the plants with minimal physical exertion, or purchasing a gorilla cart to efficiently mobilize gallons of water to the desired area. 

Future fundraising ideas are being explored and welcomed. Selling meals during movie time, selling $5 tickets for a special drawing or a football game bet, and buying trees “in honor of” or “in memory of” a particular person were some ideas mentioned. 

Future volunteer work:  It was suggested that residents meet casually to pick up debris and clip invasive vines.
The next Firewise committee meeting is scheduled for 1:30 PM on Wednesday, October 17.