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 From the Board



JULY 16, 2015


1.  Call to Order


2.  Adopt Agenda


3.  Approval of Minutes

    3.1  June 18, 2015


4.  Treasurer's Report


5.  Club Manager's Report


6.  FirstService Residential Report


7.  Committee Reports

    7.1  Activities

    7.2  Trips

    7.3  Clubhouse and Grounds

    7.4  Communications

    7.5  Finance

    7.6  Landscape

    7.7  Neighborhood Standards


8.  Additional Business

    8.1  Ratify action taken between board meetings to approve

           motion to accept bid from Hal Watson for the replacement of

           the ballroom air conditioning system in an amount not to

           exceed $44,168.00.  This amount includes the base price

           of $36,988, five years parts and labor warranty on each

           of the four 5-ton systems which represents $545x4 equaling

           $2,180 and $5,000 for incidentals which may be needed.


    8.2  Motion to accept the lowest of many bids for power washing

           of 3,864 linear feet of common pathways not to exceed $3,947

           which includes $500 for incidentals which may be needed.  The bid

           is to be awarded to Tuttle Construction company.


 9.  Adjourn to Open Forum and Executive Session

     9.1  Open Forum and Executive Session

     9.2  Executive Session to Consider Actions Involving Personnel, Negotiations,



10.  Reconvene Open Session if Necessary


11.  Adjournment




Outside Service Provided

If you are not able to perform this process yourself, FirstService Residential has identified a source, shown below, to assist you. Option one is $25, and option two is $40, both at the homeowner's expense. Option one is shutting off the system, draining the lines, and wrapping the assembly. Option two is to remove the assembly, install two plumbing unions, cap the pressure line, and leave the assembly for the residents to store for the winter. This second option can also be done by homeowners but does require some skill. If you want this service, you should call as soon as possible as service providers will be busier later in the year. In either case, they will return next spring to make the system ready for use.

Grounds Control Professional Landscape Management

Chris McDonald



*A detailed drawing and freeze prevention instruction sheet is available at the Clubhouse for the backflow prevention assemblies that are most prevalent in our community. In some cases, this FEBCO instruction information may be helpful, and in other cases it may be confusing.