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 From the Board



FEBRUARY 20, 2015


1.  Call to Order


2.  Adopt Agenda


3.  Approval of Minutes

     3.1  January 16, 2015


4.  Treasurer’s Report


5.  Club Manager’s Report


6.  FirstService Residential Report


7.  Committee Reports

     7.1  Activities

     7.2  Trips

     7.3  Clubhouse and Grounds

     7.4  Communications

     7.5  Finance

     7.6  Landscape

     7.7  Neighborhood Standards


8.  Additional Business

     8.1  Ratify Action Taken Between Board Meetings to Approve

            Installation of New Tiles by Houston Recreation Management

            for the Swimming Pool, Pool Fountain, and Spa Not to Exceed $9000


     8.2  Ratify Action Taken Between Board Meetings to Approve

            An Amount Not to Exceed $2500 to Houston Recreation Management

            For Installation of New LED Lights in The Swimming Pool


     8.3  Motion to Award Bid Not to Exceed $2200 to Crisp and Clean

            To Clean All Clubhouse Windows Inside and Out; Clean the

            Entire Perimeter of all Clubhouse Walls; and the Bell Tower.


     8.4  Motion to Award Bid not to Exceed $3500 to Canady & Canady

            CPAs to prepare a Certified Audit and Associated Tax Return for

            Year 2014


     8.5  Motion to Approve Total Payments to Nature’s Way and Horizon

            Lawn and Landscaping in Amount Not to exceed  $65,000. For Mulch 

            Application In Front Yards and Common Areas


9.  Adjourn to Open Forum and Executive Session


     9.1  Open Forum


     9.2  Executive Session to Consider Actions Involving Personnel,

            Negotiations, etc.


10.  Reconvene Open Session if Necessary


11.  Adjournment





Board of Directors

Windsor Hills Homeowner's Association



Please recall that the Board of Directors determined that the homeowner is responsible for freeze damage to the irrigation backflow prevention assembly. Following are instructions on how to prepare your backflow prevention assembly to prevent freezing.

Freeze Warnings

To: Windsor Hills Homeowners

Subject: Freeze Protection for Irrigation System Backflow Prevention Assemblies


The following action on your part will help to protect the system from freezing. We recommend that this process begin soon and that you not wait until freezing weather gets here. Some hand watering may be needed once the irrigation system is inoperative.*


1. Where possible, turn off the water going into the backflow assemblies and drain those assemblies. We have found that most assemblies in Windsor Hills do not have all the required drain valves so the system may not drain properly. If turning off and draining is not possible, continue to step #2

2. Wrap the pipes with insulating material that is available at hardware stores.

3. As an option, in addition to step #2, "heat tape" products designed to be wrapped around pipes and plugged into a 110-volt electrical outlet are available at most hardware stores. These tapes will activate at about 38 degrees and prevent freezing.

4. If a freeze is forecast for more than a couple of days, it is suggested that pipes be wrapped with additional insulation material such as towels or blankets.

5. Some homeowners have gone so far as to surround the assembly with insulation boards, along with teh wraps, and palce a low-wattage light bulb within the covered area.


Outside Service Provided

If you are not able to perform this process yourself, FirstService Residential has identified a source, shown below, to assist you. Option one is $25, and option two is $40, both at the homeowner's expense. Option one is shutting off the system, draining the lines, and wrapping the assembly. Option two is to remove the assembly, install two plumbing unions, cap the pressure line, and leave the assembly for the residents to store for the winter. This second option can also be done by homeowners but does require some skill. If you want this service, you should call as soon as possible as service providers will be busier later in the year. In either case, they will return next spring to make the system ready for use.

Grounds Control Professional Landscape Management

Chris McDonald



*A detailed drawing and freeze prevention instruction sheet is available at the Clubhouse for the backflow prevention assemblies that are most prevalent in our community. In some cases, this FEBCO instruction information may be helpful, and in other cases it may be confusing.