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New flowers now adorn the front fountain and the Clubhouse.  Dusty Millers, Blue Salvia, Profusion Zinnias, and White Portulaca were planted. Over the next few weeks they should fill in and bloom nicely. We thank Marka White and her subcommittee for making the selections. These flowers should last us until late October.

We still have the trailheads and some areas around the Clubhouse to update, and flowers should be planted in those areas by the second week of June. The Landscape Committee has spent many hours deciding which perennial plants will look the best and last through most of our winters. Thank you to all who have helped us make these decisions. To keep our landscaping costs down, we want to reduce as much replanting each year as possible. However, we can never know what challenges Mother Nature will give us.

Do you need “stuff” done? Here is what you need to do:

  • If you need your bushes trimmed or you are unsatisfied with a recent mowing, submit a work order. You can do this by either visiting the Clubhouse, by calling 936.271.3411, or by sending an email to 
  • Got a broken irrigation head? Submit a work order following the procedure above.
  • If you have a tree that is dying, submit a Standards Request Form. You can download the form at or pick up a copy at the Clubhouse.
  • The HOA does not pay for tree trimming. However, once per year in the winter we have a crew go around and trim front yard trees that have limbs touching the roofs, limbs that may touch vehicles, and those that are too low along walkways. 

Summer heat is officially here. If you haven’t irrigated your yard, it will start to brown soon. Remember to check your controller and your sprinkler heads to make sure they are functioning correctly. Don’t overwater. You should set your irrigation system to only run twice per week, and the watering schedule is posted at You can hand water all you wish.

Come to our June 17 meeting at 1 PM. We will discuss spreading mulch in residential front yards and the common areas in 2020, including cost estimates and the impact to the budget.