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Because of the hot and dry weather we’ve been experiencing, it is important to irrigate your lawn.  Our yards need approximately one inch of water a week.  Some residents recently turned on their systems and found leaks or broken sprinkler heads.   Others have complained that their systems are not coming on at all.  If you have an irrigation problem, contact the Clubhouse and request an irrigation work order.  The WHHOA covers the cost of irrigation repairs.  

However, the WHHOA does not cover the cost of replacing irrigation controllers.  If your controller is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced, it is your responsibility.  The cost is approximately $220 if you have Town Center Landscape replace it.  They are installing a Rain Bird controller that is very simple to program.  Many have had this controller installed and comment on how easy it is to program.

Many residents overwater their yards.  Average water flow from irrigating is about 16 gallons per minute.   Depending on the size of the yard, homes in Windsor Hills have four to seven watering stations.  A home with five stations running 10 minutes each (5x10=50 minutes) would use 800 gallons on a watering day.  Watering twice a week would equal 1,600 gallons per week or approximately 6,400 gallons a month.  If you are watering 15 minutes a station, you will be using  approximately 1,200 gallons a day, 2,400 gallons a week, and 9,600 gallons a month.  

If you get an unusually large water bill you most likely have broken heads, an irrigation controller issue, or possibly both.  Irrigation controllers can be extremely confusing to program.  Recently, a resident complained of a $500 water bill.  After checking the controller, we found it had been programmed to run eight cycles a day, four days a week.

As mentioned before, the cold weather played havoc with everyone’s  landscaping.  The Clubhouse and common areas suffered damage as well.  Town Center has been replacing plants in the common areas and trailheads.  As these plants get established, we will once again see lots of color. 

The new Clubhouse address boulder looks great.  Thanks to Brooks Matyi for donating the boulder and to the Garden Club for paying for the engraving and installation.

With the “dog days of summer” coming up, the Landscape Committee will not meet in June or August.  The next meeting will be on Monday, July 9, at 1 PM.