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Spring is a busy time with lots of activity needed to improve and maintain landscaping.  The freezing weather caused the loss of plants in many of our common areas;  they will be replaced this month.  It is time to turn on your backflow preventer so your irrigation system will work.  If you are not sure what to do, contact a resident listed under “neighbors helping neighbors” in the Windsor Hills directory.  Make sure you have your irrigation controller turned on as well.    

Weekly mowing of our front yards will continue until the end of October.  The grass is being mowed short to get rid of the thatch from the hard winter and to control spring weeds.  As the weather heats up, the mowing height will be increased slowly to the 3” maximum.  This helps shade the grass' root system from the sun and heat  in our Texas summers.

Now it is time to have a discussion about the Robindale area.  This discussion will start at the Landscape Committee meeting on Monday, April 2, at 1 PM.  All residents are invited.