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If you have not turned off and drained your backflow preventer (see article), now is the time to do that. As mentioned in the last two newsletters, if the backflow preventer gets damaged, the homeowner is responsible for having it replaced (about $250). 

This is a slow time of year for landscaping, and therefore, there will be no Landscape Committee meeting in January.

Town Center will continue to mow every other week until the first of March; however, it is time to change the mowing schedule for the sections as we do each year. This way, residents get the preferred day (Thursday) once every four years. Everyone’s mowing day will move forward by one mowing day.  If your mowing day was Monday it will move to Tuesday, from Tuesday to Wednesday, from Wednesday to Thursday, from Thursday to Monday. While this might sound confusing, you don’t need to do anything since Town Center knows which day of the week to mow each section.

Town Center will be cleaning gutters during the first two weeks of January.