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September 22 was the official first day of fall.  The cooler weather reminds us that it is time to put out products that inhibit weeds from germinating.  Annual weeds grow slowly throughout the winter months and die back when weather gets hot but not before flowering and dropping seeds to start the annoying cycle all over again.  Putting out weed prevention in the fall and again in the spring will substantially reduce weeds in your lawn and beds. 

A great resource for residents is “Gardenline with Randy Lemmon.”  Randy’s radio program is broadcast on KTRH (740 AM) on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Listeners may call in and ask questions (713.212.5874) pertinent to their situation.  His website ( also contains some of his past broadcasts, tip sheets on various topics, and a link that allows you to contact him via email with your particular questions.

Once again, Results Tree & Landscape will be removing deteriorating Bradford Pear trees this fall.  Results Tree will schedule the tree removal based on their workload.  If you want to have your tree removed, you need to sign a permission form that is available in the Clubhouse.  If you have already signed a form, please contact the Clubhouse to verify you are on the removal list for this year.

It is the time of the year to make decisions on the 2019 budget.  The largest budget item, of course, is our contract for landscaping services.  The Landscaping Committee and the Board work very hard to get the best bang for our buck while keeping Windsor Hills the beautiful community that it is.