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Older controllers have a battery to keep the settings when the power goes out. If you have not replaced your battery in the last year, it is a good idea to do it now. Otherwise, you may have to input all of your controller settings if the power goes out. Newer controllers save their settings and do not have a battery.

The mowing schedule follows:

Monday: East Northcastle Circle, Northcastle Court, Veranda View, Wilmington Way, Shannon Green Court, and East Windsor Hills Circle.

Tuesday: Claridge Oak Circle, W. Northcastle Circle, Barkley Park Court, Surrey Run Place, North Country Gate Circle (3-25), and Goldenberry Drive (even numbers).

Wednesday: The rest of North Country Gate Circle, West Lilac Ridge, Lilac Ridge Ct., Charter Club Drive, Ember Pines Ct., Mulled Wine Ct., Avebury Ct., and Velvet Rose Ct.

Thursday: Clubhouse, Windsor Hills Circle, Victoria Glen Drive, Robindale Circle, Meadowhawk Place, and Wrenfield Place.

This mowing schedule works best with the watering schedule provided by Woodlands Water. You should not water your yard right before your lawn is mowed as the grass cuts better when dry. We suggest you not turn on your irrigation system until mid-April or later. 

Also, we recommend watering between 4 and 6 AM on your watering days. Feral hogs love wet grass, so if you complete your watering right before 6 AM, you will limit the number of hours your yard is wet as hogs are active at night.

Watering Schedule:

East Side 
Tuesday, 8 PM to Wednesday, 6 AM
Friday, 8 PM to Saturday, 6 AM

West Side
Wednesday, 8 PM to Thursday, 6 AM
        Saturday, 8 PM to Sunday, 6 AM