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We all know we only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  The first thing potential homebuyers see when driving into Windsor Hills is our common area landscaping.  For that reason, the Landscape Committee has remained focused on maintaining first-class common areas.  We recently scalped the common area grass to get rid of weeds and then seeded these areas with winter ryegrass.  Once this grass is established, we will have an emerald green entrance to our community until spring.

To save money, DO NOT IRRIGATE IN THE WINTER.  A significant number of residents continue to run their irrigation systems during the winter months when our lawns are dormant.  Watering at this time is not necessary; it actually causes your lawn to need even more water during drought conditions because it doesn’t know how to survive on less water.

Each homeowner’s monthly sewer fee is based on water consumption in December, January, and February.  The monthly average use for those months is used to calculate the sewer rate for the following 12 months since it is assumed that you are not using your irrigation system during that time.

A flat monthly fee of $10.50 is charged for using 3,000 gallons a month or less.  Any usage over 3,000 gallons per month causes an additional cost of $4.50 per thousand gallons each month for the following 12 months.  For example, if your usage is 10,000 gallons per month for December, January, and February, that costs you an extra $31.50 per month.  Multiplied by 12 months, that means you will pay an additional $378 per year.  This amount is on top of your use rate of $10.50 for the first 3,000 gallons.  Irrigating during this time is a real waste of water and money.

The bottom line:  Turn off your irrigation system during the winter months to save water, a precious natural resource, plus money.  Just like bears, our lawns “hibernate” in the winter.

The removal of approved Bradford Pear trees is scheduled for the second week of December.  Results Tree will do the work.  If you have requested that your Bradford Pear Tree be removed, you should contact the Clubhouse to confirm that your tree is on the list.  We are budgeted to remove only 25 trees this year, so it is essential to make sure you are on this year’s list.

The Landscape Committee will not meet in December.


Freeze Warnings
 To Windsor Hills Homeowners Regarding Freeze Protection for Irrigation System Backflow Prevention Assemblies
The Board of Directors determined that the homeowner is responsible for freeze damage to the irrigation backflow prevention assembly.  The following action on your part will help protect the system from freezing.  We recommend that this process begin soon and that you not wait until freezing weather gets here.  Some hand watering may be needed once the irrigation system is inoperative. *
1. Where possible, turn off the water going into the backflow assemblies and drain those assemblies.  We have found that most assemblies in Windsor Hills do not have all of the required drain valves so the system may not drain properly. If turning off and draining is not possible, continue to step #2.
2. Wrap the backflow preventer of your irrigation system (in your back yard) to insulate it.  This is an upside down U-shaped piece of equipment.
3. As an option, in addition to step #2, “heat tape” products designed to be wrapped around pipes and plugged into a 110-volt electrical outlet are available at most hardware stores.  These tapes will activate at about 38 degrees and prevent freezing.

4. If a freeze is forecast for more than a couple of days, it is suggested that pipes be wrapped with additional insulation material such as towels or blankets. 
5. Some homeowners have gone so far as to surround the assembly with insulation boards, along with the wraps, and have placed a low-wattage light bulb within the covered area.
Request Town Center Landscape to Provide Service.
If you are not able to perform this process yourself, contact the Clubhouse and request Town Center Landscape (TCL) to provide the service. Option 1 ($25) is shutting off the system and draining the lines.  Option 2 ($50) is shutting off the system, draining the lines, and wrapping the system with pipe insulation.  Under both options, TCL will return next spring to make the system ready for use at no additional cost. You will be billed directly by Town Center Landscape for this service!

* A detailed drawing and freeze prevention instruction sheet is available at the Clubhouse for the backflow prevention assemblies that are most prevalent in our community.  In some cases, this FEBCO instruction information may be helpful, and in other cases it may be confusing.