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As all of us observed, the “Big Freeze” did severe damage to plants at the Clubhouse. Dead virburnum plants were removed from the front and pool area beds.  The removal exposed the Clubhouse’s beautiful hidden stone work. Volunteers planted begonias in the front beds and vinca in the driveway, fountain, and guard shack beds.

The April Landscape Committee meeting was held in the ballroom with 18 residents in attendance.  Discussion included the status of mulch spreading, Rose Rosette Disease, and Clubhouse landscape improvements.

Roses in the front Clubhouse beds have been deteriorating.  Our research revealed that the roses are suffering from Rose Rosette Disease (RRD).  This is a virus caused by the presence of microscopic mites which make the roses unsightly because of the abnormal growth it causes.  There is no cure for this disease and these bushes need to be removed.  Currently the bushes in the pool area look great, but they, too, will eventually develop the virus and will have to be removed.

At the March Landscape Committee meeting (via zoom) it was suggested  a subcommittee be formed to review the current Clubhouse landscaping and make suggestions.  The subcommittee recently spent an hour and a half at the Clubhouse inspecting the current design and considering options.  The subcommittee will make suggestions at the May Landscape Committee meeting.

Windsor Hills,
Oct 12, 2020, 9:03 AM