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The Landscape Committee met on Monday, February 17. We discussed flower changes, common area issues, the condition of the cul-de-sacs, and Firewise. The next meeting will be Monday, April 13, at 1 PM.
In February, Town Center trimmed around the Clubhouse and in the common areas.  They will return to the weekly mowing schedule on March 2. The mowing schedule follows:

Monday: East Northcastle Circle, Northcastle Court, Veranda View, Wilmington Way, Shannon Green Court, and East Windsor Hills Circle.

Tuesday: Claridge Oak Circle, W. Northcastle Circle, Barkley Park Court, Surrey Run Place, North Country Gate Circle (3-25), and Goldenberry Drive (even numbers).

Wednesday: The rest of North Country Gate Circle, West Lilac Ridge, Lilac Ridge Ct., Charter Club Drive, Ember Pines Ct., Mulled Wine Ct., Avebury Ct., and Velvet Rose Ct.

Thursday: Clubhouse, Windsor Hills Circle, Victoria Glen Drive, Robindale Circle, Meadowhawk Place, and Wrenfield Place.

This mowing schedule works best with the watering schedule provided by Woodlands Water. You should not water your yard right before your lawn is mowed as the grass cuts better when dry. We suggest you not turn on your irrigation system until mid-April or later. 

Also, we recommend watering between 4 and 6 AM on your watering days. Feral hogs love wet grass, so if you complete your watering right before 6 AM, you will limit the number of hours your yard is wet as hogs are active at night.

Watering Schedule:

East Side 
Tuesday, 8 PM to Wednesday, 6 AM
Friday, 8 PM to Saturday, 6 AM

West Side
Wednesday, 8 PM to Thursday, 6 AM
        Saturday, 8 PM to Sunday, 6 AM

There was a little hiccup relative to getting enough Town Center workers to mow our yards this past month due to the pandemic. However, now it looks like we are back on our weekly schedule.

By now, you should have tested your irrigation system to make sure it is working correctly. If we get no more rain, you may get through May by running each station only once per week.

The last time we commented on how long it had been since feral hogs visited our community, they returned. That was last December.  If you fear they will attack your yard, you could try putting down an herbicide that treats grubs. Scott’s GrubEx is one product you could use. Sometime around the first of June will be an excellent time to treat your lawn.

We have planted zinnias in front of the Clubhouse.  At the front entrance fountain, we have added begonias in front of the roses.