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President's Corner

Talos has been a blessing to Nancy and me. We've now had this rescue dog for two years. While blessing us, this 20 pound Shih Tzu acts like he is the king of the road at times. He wants to walk right down the middle of the road, and when he does, he pulls me along. When we approach other dogs, Talos probably announces to the bigger dogs that they had better leave him alone, and he may want to attack. It's a good thing we have not confronted any of those feral hogs. Talos doesn't bother with smaller dogs. He must think it is beneath him to spend the same amount of effort as he does with larger dogs. It is easy for us to put up with his tough-guy behavior because when he wants to sleep, he wants to lie down right beside us. He gives us so much love. I will always want a dog in my life.

I feel the same about Windsor Hills. I hope we never have to move because of the great friends we've made, all of the fun activities, and the beauty of our community.

After the February board meeting, the results of the security monitoring survey were reviewed with the community. Several residents asked good questions and gave suggestions. Remember, our ADT/Protection 1 contract for security monitoring services is up in August, and the price is going up. We will have a second security forum for residents at 10 AM on April 4th.  Since the board election is this March, the current board has decided to table a decision until after the April 4th forum.  Since at least two new board members will be elected, we feel it is best that they be well informed on security monitoring in order to help make the best decision on how to move forward. 

Speaking of the board election, if you'd like to run for the board, you have until March 8 to submit your application. Five positions are open. 

We live in an age-restricted community. Periodically, HUD requires us to get information from each homeowner about each occupant of their residence. LEAD, our management company, has mailed you a form to complete and return to them. All homeowners are required to respond, so please complete the form and send it back in the envelope provided. If you didn't receive the form or misplaced it, contact the Clubhouse and a member of our staff will give you a copy.

The February 12 section 4 party was fun and the food was good, too. These parties are a lot of work and for that we thank the organizers: Jan Speck, Linda Chrisman, and Marjorie Brune. We appreciate all who step up to help with all of our events.