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President's Corner

A few years back, I was able to go on an African safari. One stop was by the Masai Mara River where a park ranger was walking around with a rifle which he carried to protect visitors from the hippos. I observed the hippos resting calmly in the river; however, the ranger said that at any time they could run up the 30’ river bank and charge at anyone. Our loving little Talos is kind of like that. He is the sweetest and most loving dog until he gets near some of the big dogs in the neighborhood. Then, he will go after them with all the force he can muster. I have no idea why some dogs set him off. 

Just like hippos and Talos, we always need to be aware of our surroundings. We live in a very safe community, and for the most part, the entirety of The Woodlands is a safe place to live too. But things happen. So, when you walk down your street or get in and out of your car at a store, survey your surroundings before proceeding. Talos is friendly to all people, but not all people may be friendly to you. Hopefully, you won’t run into a hippo.

Boy, do we have lots of events going on. The section party in May was one of the best, thanks to entertainer Tony Mac, organizer Roxanne Sarver, and all the volunteers. The Activities Committee has planned a fantastic event for the June 1 Black and White Gala. Thanks to Activities Committee chair Gail Pope, organizers Janice Gooch and Elida Gilpin, and the help of all Activities Committee volunteers. Our Clubhouse manager, Tammy Hench, and her staff have planned the annual Grandkids’ Swim Party for Saturday, June 8.  Thanks in advance for what is always a wonderful event.

The State legislature passed the Jones Forest Bill and it is now waiting for the Governor’s signature. We have not heard of any reason why he would not sign the bill. Finally, our State forest is protected from further development. A celebration is in order!

Summer heat is officially here.  See the landscape article for more information regarding irrigation.
If your front yard bushes need to be trimmed or you have a specific landscape request, submit a work order to the Clubhouse.  Call 936.271.3411 or send an email to  We mention the use of work orders frequently as many residents are unaware that this is the best way to get your landscape needs addressed.

We will not have a Board meeting in June. Our next meeting will be on July 27 at 5 PM. Our May Board meeting speaker was Matt Beasley, our newly-elected Justice of the Peace. At our July meeting, Judge Claudia Laird will talk about wills, trusts, and guardianships.