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President's Corner

On the day I moved into Windsor Hills (which was at the end of June in 2008), three neighbors stopped by my house to meet me, including Walter Vetrick, who brought me my first newsletter. I had called Houston home for just over 30 years, and I had never lived in a place where everyone was so friendly. Just over two months later, Hurricane Ike blew through Windsor Hills. The storm knocked down all the trees in my front yard and three in the back yard, one of which took down a section of fence. Again, there were neighbors everywhere, asking what they could do to help.

Family issues and work kept me pretty busy for a time. Still, my neighbors stepped up and invited me to become involved in weekend "section parties." Attending those parties caused me to meet many more of my neighbors, including Jim Stevens. Jim was on the Board and headed the Finance Committee at the time. He asked me to join that committee (which I did), and after a couple of years, he asked me to chair it. Serving on this committee gave me another opportunity to meet new people. That group led me to run for the Board in 2015. I have served on the Board for four years, two years as Treasurer, and two years as Vice President and liaison to the Standards Committee. The work with the Standards Committee enabled me to meet many more of my neighbors as they filed requests for home improvements and tree removal.

These stories are examples of how unique our community is. A single person without much family or many friends in the area can meet so many wonderful people just by getting out and becoming involved with the community. We need more volunteers to join committees and make recommendations. Some areas which come to mind in which input is desired and needed are:

Clubhouse & Grounds: (1) The timing and extent of the opening of the Clubhouse facilities; and (2) Capital projects needed/desired to expand/maintain Clubhouse facilities and parking.

Landscape Committee:  (1) How should we proceed due to the many plants lost in the "Big Freeze" a couple of months ago; and (2) How do we maintain the beauty of our community at the best possible cost?

Standards Committee:  As our homes age and our neighborhood matures, which requested home improvements are allowed by the standards of The Woodlands Township and are beneficial to our residents and the community?

Activities Committee, Trips Committee: In which Clubhouse and pool area events will residents participate; and (2) When is it safe to start scheduling them? What about day trips?

Finance Committee:  What is the best way to fund Windsor Hills’ (1) annual budgeted ongoing expenses, and (2) future major projects, e.g., house painting and fence replacement?

For those residents who do not receive Clubhouse emails or watch Zoom Board meetings, Rob Miller resigned from our Board effective April 1.  We sincerely thank Rob for his contributions and years of dedication, and we look forward to his continuing participation in Windsor Hills projects. We welcome Calvin Overstreet, appointed by the Board on April 15 to fill the balance of Rob’s term. This change necessitated some modification of the liaisons for the committees, as follows:

Mary Onxley – Finance

Carlos Wehby – Standards, Community Wellbeing 

Judy Gordy – Activities, Trips, and Garden Club

Calvin Overstreet – Communications, Special Projects

Dave Hunter – Clubhouse & Grounds, Firewise

Belton Byrd – Landscape

If you would like information about any of these committees (including serving on them), please feel free to contact these individuals.

I sincerely hope you will join us as we strive to keep Windsor Hills the special place that it is, and I am looking forward to serving as your President!