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President's Corner

Wasn’t it nice that March finally gave us some decent weather? We’ve done a lot in the last year to keep our pool area looking great, and now we have good weather so we can enjoy it. People are swimming in the pool now that the heaters have been turned on. On March 24, many homeowners kicked off the spring season by swimming, playing bocce ball, partying, and having a lot of fun in our pool area.

Thank you to all who attended our annual meeting. Our governing documents require that we provide an annual meeting to our homeowners. In our monthly board meetings we report on the previous month. The annual meeting is different as we announce the board election results, look at the past year, and discuss our goals for the next year. Board members are elected for two-year terms, and this year we had four positions open.  Belton Byrd, Gail Pope, Carlos Wehby, and I decided to run again and no one challenged us. Therefore, each of us was appointed for another term.  At the end of the annual meeting, Board members were nominated and appointed to the same positions as last year. We’ve got a great team that works very well together.

President: Rob Miller
Vice President/Standards: Susie Sowell
Treasurer: Ron Clinger
Secretary/Communications/Firewise: Carlos Wehby
Clubhouse & Grounds: Brooks Matyi
Trips/Activities: Gail Pope
Landscape: Belton Byrd

We know that many of you take pride in being residents of Windsor Hills. It is evident by the number of people who attend functions, come to the Clubhouse to play games, and get involved by volunteering or participating in one of our more active events. In that light, we are going to sell polo shirts with the Windsor Hills logo on them to help raise funds to replace the trees that were removed from some of the common areas due to the freezes we've experienced this year.  More information will be transmitted to you via emails and future newsletters.

This past month the Clubhouse staff has really missed our maintenance man, Ruben. If you don’t know, Ruben smashed his big toe while moving tables and has not been able to work. We hope to have him back sometime in April. Thank you to those volunteers who have helped in his absence, including Rick Briley who has made himself available anytime Tammy needs help. Rick is one of many who have stepped up to help.

I want to highlight Tom Kowalski and Shirley Presley this month. Here is another couple who spends many hours helping with activities and trips. Tom also has been a big help to other committees like Finance and Clubhouse and Grounds. Tom’s skills with bid preparation and evaluation are invaluable to our community.

Homeowners who hire landscapers and others who drive big trucks on our narrow streets need to tell them not to drive on the grass. They may break sprinkler heads (the repair of which is the homeowner's responsibility) and cause rutting. We suggest that you not allow heavy vehicles to drive up your driveway. The original home builders did us an injustice as most driveways are not reinforced with rebar. To replace one section of a driveway may cost you $1,200 or more.