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President's Corner

Our cold nights and 60-degree days with sunny skies have been pleasing. Talos loves this weather. After he gets his business done on our morning walks, he "turns on the gas" and wants to run home. I can get him to slow down to about four miles per hour. It is amazing how this 20-pound dog can pull me home.

Horizon Lawn and Landscape got off to a great start on our three-year contract. It will take them some time to get used to our community and to us. One thing they do differently from Town Center Landscape is that they have a "detail team." This is in addition to the men who mow, trim, and blow. The team comes around once or twice per week to take care of any concerns that may have come up. As with Town Center, if you have a landscape issue, call or email the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse will record the problem and forward it to Horizon. If you need your bushes trimmed, please let the Clubhouse know.

One of the big topics of discussion is the COVID-19 vaccine. Nancy and I are scheduled for the first dose the second week of February. Since we have been patients at Methodist Hospital, we were able to schedule an appointment through them. Did you know you can go to vaccination locations in Harris County as well as in Montgomery County? If you can get an appointment and meet the criteria, they will not turn you away.

One of the best community information sources is the Community Impact Newspaper that you receive in the mail. They also send out a daily email specific to The Woodlands. Through this email, I heard about Montgomery County vaccination locations before I saw it anywhere else. To subscribe, go to

Serving on the Board is one way to give back to our community. Those of us who do get the opportunity to work with many of our residents.  Board members go out of their way to listen to everyone and to provide what the community wants. Even though we've had some challenges, the fulfillment I get as a Board member is all worth it.

This year's Board election is coming up, and four positions will be open.  You should be receiving information on submitting an application if you are interested in running.  Applications must be received by LEAD Association Management, Inc. no later than 5 PM on Friday, February 19.  If we have five or more candidates, on Saturday, February 27 at 10 AM, we will have a "Meet the Candidates" gathering via ZOOM, and an election will be held. In that event, we won't be voting at the Clubhouse; instead, you will be mailed a ballot that must be received by LEAD on or before March 22 at 5 PM.  We will provide you with more information after the deadline for submitting applications.