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President's Corner

Don’t the new Windsor Hills shirts look terrific? I've seen many of you wearing them at the Clubhouse. If you need more Windsor Hills gear, we will have another sale this fall. All net proceeds will be used to purchase trees and shrubs for our community.

Our pool is getting a lot of use this year. Around 5 PM on the first Friday of each month, many residents get together at the pool. Everyone brings a food item to share and something to drink. This is a good time to cool off and meet new people. Everyone is welcome.

I am throwing out a pitch to all men who need an excellent way to exercise:  Have you tried water aerobics? Nancy and I have been attending for the last two years, and I’ve been surprised at what it has done for us. Prior to my attendance, I’d walk by the pool and think the aerobic exercises looked pretty wimpy. Not so. It has helped our balance and built up strength. Last year I had rotator cuff surgery. I lost a lot of strength and motion in my left arm from the surgery. Yes, I did a lot of physical therapy, and I was going to the gym to build up strength. But, what has helped me the most is water aerobics. The class is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The cost is $3 a session. Everyone works at his own pace. So men, come join us. This exercise is not just for women.

I am now learning that we must treat our pets like we do our children. Owners will do almost anything for them. When we leave the house, Talos goes nuts. He has anxiety issues. He will scratch the ceramic floor by our garage door until his paws bleed. We put him in his crate (for those who don’t have a dog and need clarification, a crate is a cage) and he scratches the crate door. We’ve tried protective boots, thunder jackets, and dog bones without much luck. We tried putting a piece of our clothing in his crate when we leave, and that didn’t make any difference either. Now Talos is on Prozac, and we’ve seen little change. Some say we should get him a companion, but I don’t want to deal with two pets on Prozac. However, I may have to give in.

Next time you are at the Clubhouse take a look at our updated kitchen. It really looks nice! Thank you, Marka White, for staying on top of the contractor to make sure things got done right.

The "Socks Around the Clock" event was so much fun. Attendees sported a lot of cool socks. Roxanne’s burgers really tasted good, and Alberto’s music was terrific. If you are interested in hearing some of Alberto’s music, check out his YouTube site at Besides Roxanne, I want to thank Cathy Gibson and Susan Lawson for organizing the event. Also, I thank all Activities Committee members for their efforts.