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President's Corner

Goodbye, summer swimmers. So long, clear refreshing waters. What a great summer it was. Many spent numerous hours enjoying our resort-like pool facility. Thank you again to our Clubhouse staff for keeping the pool clean and safe. Once the weather turns cold, the pool heaters will go off, but those few hardy swimmers who are willing to brave the chilly waters may continue to use the pool year-round. I will watch the polar bears from the pool deck and dream about how I will spend next summer in the pool.

Our dear neighbor, friend, and former leader, Doris Denio, will soon be moving away to be closer to her daughter. Doris has dedicated her entire life helping others. We have been fortunate to have her here most of her senior years working as a volunteer, board member, and board president. Her leadership has provided the vision we currently hold for our community, and that is what makes Windsor Hills the best community in the Houston metropolitan area. For that, Doris, we thank you. You have set us on the right path. We will miss you, we all love you, and we wish you the best.

During September and October, members of our Finance Committee are focused on next year’s budget. We appreciate their time working on this endeavor. Four meetings in October will deal with the 2019 budget. If you want to be part of the committee, please attend the October 1 meeting which will begin at 4 PM. At this meeting, the committee will work up the first draft of the budget that will be recommended to the Board. The second meeting is October 17 at 4 PM where the proposal will be finalized.  We encourage all residents who are not on the committee to attend the presentation on the proposed 2019 budget, scheduled for Friday, October 19, at 10 AM. At the very least, come to our October 25 board meeting where we will set the budget for next year.  This Board meeting will begin at 6 PM since the Texans game begins at 7 PM.

This is the last of the Talos tales. Unfortunately, I must report that Talos, our Shih Tzu, still suffers from anxiety when we are away. We’ve tried everything to make him feel safe when he is alone with no real success. So, for now, we are reducing the amount of time away from him when possible and letting our dear relatives who live nearby enjoy his wonderful nature for our extended absences. Pets are like our children as we will do almost anything for them.

Since this is an election year, we all get inundated with political materials via text, email, U.S. mail, and flyers left at our homes. If you don’t find them informative then just recycle them like you would those Medicare dinner requests you get in the mail. Unfortunately, the HOA has no way to control what you receive. Respect those who may have different political opinions. Some of us have blue eyes, and others have brown, but we don’t have to be rude to others with different eye color. Please be patient as most of this will go away after the November election. It is just part of our political process. I am sure all of us are thankful that we have the opportunity to vote and to do so without fear.

We’ve had a few concerned residents frustrated with animals digging in their yards. This is another nuisance we have to deal with since we live near a forest. One thing we can do is eliminate putting out any food for the animals, including our cats and dogs. This just encourages more animals to come into our yards.