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President's Corner

Do you know what excitement is? It is Talos when I return after being gone an hour or so. It is like he hasn't seen me for a year. When I enter, he runs to me and jumps up and down as he greets me. Then, he will run back to Nancy and bark at her to make sure she is alerted that I am home. To me, this kind of excitement is even better than lowering HOA dues by $15 per month. Don't we love our 4-legged family members!

Speaking of lowering your dues, if you have not adjusted your HOA payments and are unsure what to do, please refer to the flyer at the end of this newsletter. It is the same flyer (with a few minor updates) that was delivered to your door in early September. If you pay your dues electronically, you need to make the changes as soon as possible.

I am disturbed at the dissent among some in our community that has been caused by both political and issue-related signs that not all residents support.  The Board has received several complaints about signs, primarily political, including the fact that some have disappeared.  Some don't like the idea that you can post a sign that may be religious or support an issue like immigration. We live in a country that allows free speech. So let's celebrate our country which allows views to be expressed rather than oppressed. You can show your dislike at the voting box but let's not show it in Windsor Hills. Please read the article on signs later in this newsletter. 

Pool use, scavenger hunts, Zoom Bingo (thank you "Betty Bingo"), Zoom meetings, and parking lot get-togethers are some of the activities that have gone on this summer. With more enjoyable weather approaching, we are starting to have a lot more activities on the calendar. We will have movies in the Clubhouse and speakers at our Zoom board meetings. In fact, at our  5 PM October 29 Zoom board meeting, we will have retired secret service agent Bruce Taylor, who served under our last five Presidents, from Bush 41 through Trump 45 (until he retired) and planned the security for the funerals of both George and Barbara Bush. Thanks to Diane Bass, Belton Byrd, and others, we will have a political forum (via Zoom) and National Night Out this October.

We have not heard of any more active cases of COVID in Windsor Hills. Do not let your guard down. Continue to wear your mask and practice social distancing. Get out and enjoy the fall weather.