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President's Corner

Since I’ve been home more lately, we’ve developed some routines. Talos really likes to stick to a schedule. At 7:45 AM, he expects to have breakfast, followed by a walk. He sleeps until noon, and then he lets me know he wants to play fetch and then get a rub. Between 2 and 3 PM, Talos will tap me with his paw wanting his second meal, followed by a walk. During the evening news, he taps me again, wanting to play fetch and get his second rub. I guess this is good as Talos is very regular, and he keeps Nancy and me busy.

Our “Windsor Hills Night Out” was a big success as residents were able to get out and talk to friends they had not seen in a while, yet they were still able to maintain social distancing. Throughout the neighborhood, we estimated we had 200 people participating. Now, many groups are scheduling weekly gatherings outside. Socialization is genuinely beneficial for mental health; however, since we now have cases of COVID-19 in Windsor Hills, each one of us needs to be especially careful so that we don’t contract the virus ourselves or pass it on to others. Studies are showing that a person without symptoms can actually have the virus without knowing it and then transfer it to others. For protection, please wear masks when around others and keep at least six feet from everyone…except family members, of course.

The Wednesday Men’s Coffee group has been meeting virtually since the Clubhouse has been closed. We’ve had up to 25 men participate at one time. More are welcome to attend.

The Board has been meeting online so we can conduct the business of our HOA. On April 30, we had our first virtual board meeting using Zoom’s Webinar service. These virtual meetings have been recorded and can be found at under “From the Board.” At the last Board Meeting, members voted to not renew our security monitoring contract with ADT since only 42% or less are using the service. We did get ADT to extend the existing contract through December. For more information, see the article on Security Monitoring on page 3.

We still need at least 40 more responses to the age survey LEAD sent out a few months back. HUD requires 80% of our population to respond. If you can’t make a copy of your driver’s license, you can take a picture of it on your cellphone and then email it to Doreen Stryjek at The survey can be downloaded from our website ( under “Age Compliance.”

The staff has done a great job transitioning to a work-from-home schedule. They have plenty to do and, at times, work more hours than usual. The Board supports them 100%, and there have been no changes in salaries.

We are now developing a plan to reopen our Clubhouse facilities. Because of the age of our population, we have to be extremely careful. Thus, it will take us longer to open than other types of public facilities. Stay safe.