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Request for Home Improvement form found here. Request for Tree Removal form found here.

The Woodlands Township is a master-planned community where people live, work, and play in harmony with the environment. Legally binding covenants and standards guide and protect the aesthetic integrity of The Woodlands. They are called “The Woodlands Residential Development Standards.”
To provide and protect each homeowner’s rights and property values, the Windsor Hills Homeowners Association (WHHOA) adopted The Woodlands Residential Standards as the standards for our community. These standards require that any Homeowner considering improvements and/or changes to their home or property must submit a completed Request for Home Improvement Approval form to the Neighborhood Standards Committee. The Woodlands Residential Standards also require homeowners to obtain approval from the Neighborhood Standards Committee before removing any tree on their property -- alive or dead, front yard or back yard -- by completing the Request for Tree Removal Approval form. You can find folders with printed copies of both types of request forms in the plastic box outside the front doors of the Clubhouse.  If you prefer, go to the Windsor Hills website (  Under “Information,” click on “Standards” to print the request forms.

Members of the Neighborhood Standards Committee always strive to enforce the Standards in a friendly, courteous manner.  We love our community and want to do all we can to keep it the beautiful neighborhood you choose to call home. Thanks for your support.