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Request for Home Improvement form found here.

If you have questions regarding the Windsor Hills Residential Standards regarding making improvements to your home, the Windsor Hills HOA Standards Committee is here to help you.

To provide and protect each individual homeowner’s rights and values, any homeowner considering improvements and/or changes to their home or property MUST submit a “Request for Home Improvement Approval” application to the Neighborhood Standards Committee.  These Standards do not apply to changes that do not affect the exterior of the house in any way (e.g., painting the interior or remodeling a room). 

One of the more common home improvement requests the committee receives is regarding roof replacements.  Following are the ONLY composition shingles approved for Windsor Hills roofs:
GAF Timberline Weathered Wood
GAF Sovereign Weathered Gray
Certain Teed Weathered Wood
Owens Corning Drift Wood

We love our community and want to do all we can to keep it the beautiful neighborhood we choose to call home.