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 Contribute is a Google Group (like a bulletin board) where residents of Windsor Hills can share information. You may post general information, good web links, or questions to everyone requesting information on things like where to eat out. You may post personal information such as an add to sell your car or please pray for my best friend. You may not advertise for a business you own or advertise for someone else's business. Any messages posted for non-profit fundraising must state the name of the non-profit organization. Please do not post jokes or chain email messages. Also, Contribute is not a forum to share grievances against the HOA, a business or person. 

To join this group, email . You will get a reply where you can request to join. Make sure you give your address as part of the reason to join. This is needed to verify you are a resident of Windsor Hills. Contribute works best if you use a Gmail account. Other mail services will work but you won't get all of the functionality.

You have four options for viewing the postings in Contribute. You can choose the option as you setup access. This can be changed anytime from the web URL.
  • No Email - You will not get any email but you may read the group on the web at the link below.

  • Abridge Email - (receive e-mail once per day or for every 100 messages) you will receive a summary of new activity each day.

  • Digest Email - (receive e-mail approximately one e-mail per day) you get up to 25 full new messages bundled into a single e-mail.

  • Email - You will receive each email individually as they are sent.

Remember to use proper email etiquette. Once approved, you can post a message and read those in the group.. To post a message, send an email message to in the To line. You may want to add this email to your contacts.

Once approved, you can go to to see all the postings. Also, you can choose how you want to receive the postings. You may want to bookmark this link.