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DCCR Change

Recommended Change to DCCR’s Article IV, Section 4A

This January, the Board will be asking homeowners to vote on a change to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCRs) which will bring in more income to the community at no additional expense to current homeowners. The anticipated funds will supplement our monthly assessment fees and pay for future facility enhancement.

We are asking homeowners to allow your Board to change the current new homebuyer one-time assessment (currently called a contribution) from $500 to $1,000. This $500 assessment has been part of our governing documents since our community opened some 21 years ago, however, we have only assessed it to new homebuyers since 2017. The current $500 contribution (to be called assessment) is well below fees charged by other nearby age-55 and older communities and is no longer adequate for its intended purpose. The proposed $1,000 is more in line with fees charged by these other communities.

Your Board wishes to move away from a fixed assessment to one that utilizes a “not to exceed” variable rate. The rate of the new homebuyer one-time assessment would be based on the amount of our annual assessment as the “not to exceed” allowable amount, but the rate could be set lower. In order to make this DCCR language change, 75% (at least 328) of homeowners (one vote per home) must approve it. This change will not cost current homeowners anything, now or in the future.

The following may answer some of your questions:

  1. We are proposing this change in order to keep our monthly assessments as low as possible while maintaining our facilities and grounds at a level that is expected by our community.  We want Windsor Hills to look as good, if not better, as any other active adult community. We are proud of where we live and want to continue to be.  We want Windsor Hills to stay financially sound, look good, and have the ability to provide future facility enhancements, if warranted.
  2. The $1,000 proposed assessment will only be paid by new Windsor Hills homebuyers.
  3. If you sell your home in Windsor Hills and buy another home in Windsor Hills to live in, you will NOT pay the $1,000 fee.
  4. The benefit to new Windsor Hills homebuyers is that the HOA has about $1.4M in assets and a part of that is for repainting homes, replacing fences, and maintaining our Clubhouse and grounds. After becoming aware of these reserves, new homebuyers will know that our HOA is financially sound.
  5. Currently new homebuyers in Windsor Hills pay $500 at the time of closing. That assessment would be increased to $1,000 and is competitive with other “age-55 and over” HOA communities in our area.
  6. The maximum amount at which the Board could set the new Windsor Hills homebuyer assessment is the annual amount of the monthly assessment, however the maximum amount is not the required amount.
  7. The use of a variable maximum assessment in the calculation of the new homebuyer one-time assessment gives the Board discretion to help offset the effects of inflation over time.
  8. The new homebuyer one-time assessment amount will be set by a Board vote at a public Board meeting.
  9. The new homebuyer one-time assessment will not directly affect Windsor Hills homeowners when they sell their homes since it is paid by the buyer, not the seller.
Question and Answer Zoom Meetings:
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 10 AM Meeting Recording
Thursday, January 7, 2021, 7 PM- Click here to register.

The Actual changes to the DCCR's can be viewed by clicking here.
The complete DCCR's can be found clicking here.
Windsor Hills,
Dec 6, 2020, 6:15 AM